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Setting goals like Bill Gates

I want to share with you a 'theme' I heard from 3 Artists I was able to get together with over the weekend.

What was so interesting to me is that ALL 3 of them said the EXACT same thing to me.

Let me make this point and then, right after, show you a powerful and SIMPLE success principle.

I was scattered.

I was a procrastinator.

I was trying to reach my goals, but never to pay my dues.

I had a ton of ideas, but no results.

I was going backwards faster than the famous track athlete Carl Lewis runs. It wasn't pretty.

But then things started to change.

Just like they have for these 3 Artists I met with this weekend.

We've helped these 3 Artists change their lives and Fan Base and let me share with you this one point we've held them ACCOUNTABLE on.

This ONE point I used to transform my Life and I STILL use it today.

Here's the 'principle':



"What Loren?"

Yes, you can have a big vision, but make your goals smaller.

"Can you explain Loren?"


When I was making $5,000 a month, my goal next month was $6,500.

When I was making $12,000, my next month's goal was $14,000.

And on and on.

'How many people set big goals and still aren’t where they wanted to be?" About  95% of people do this to themselves.

These 3 Artists I met with all have MOMENTUM.

That's what happens when you have PROGRESS and you reach
your goals.

Take a deep breath and take ONE step at a time.

Success is counterintuitive.

Sometimes to go faster, you need to go slower.

I bet if you make your goals 50% smaller, you'll have 100% more results.

This is your year. Try this for 60 days and watch what happens.

Here are the results for these 3 Artists.

Two have doubled their cd sales.

One's fan base has doubled in 2 markets.

All three have seen their confidence and happiness skyrocket.

This is your year to unleash YOUR greatness!

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